Hebrew Beginner’s Course: Hebrew Beginner’s Course Online Course + Audio Trainer (1,300 words, levels A1 + A2) for only €29.95 €19.95

Hebrew Beginner's Course: Hebrew Beginner's Course Online Course + Audio Trainer (1,300 words, levels A1 + A2) for only €29.95 €19.95

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This course is different to other courses: Learn a new language in just about 17 minutes per day. With 17 Minute Languages' unique long term memory learning method, you can learn a new language in no time flat. You will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to hold a fluent conversation. More than 540,000 courses have already been sold. Latest software version 2019. For Windows, Linux, macOS, iPhone, Android smartphones, iPad, Android tablets and Windows tablets.

Kostenlose Mallorquinisch-DemoversionLernen Sie zwei Tage lang kostenlos mit dem Mallorquinisch-Sprachkurs.

Die Vokabeln des Tages auf Mallorquinisch Lernen Sie jeden Tag drei neue Vokabeln 10.10.2019 Die drei Vokabeln des heutigen Tages: es passaport der Reisepass sa policia die Polizei water Toilette

Highly efficient learning method: You can have your first conversations after just 4 hours and become fluent after just 50 hours – for PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Catalan Beginner's Course: I would like to order: Learn Catalan with the Catalan Beginner's Course (1,300 words, levels A1 + A2) for only €29.95 €19.95

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